Genesis 45:5 “But now, do not therefore be grieved or angry with yourselves because you sold me here; for God sent me before you to preserve life.”

I would like to start by wishing a blessed day.  Today many are celebrating love and friendship.  Some might have plans but for some it might just be another day.  We have moments in life that mark us deeply.  We hope that everything that is happening and everyone that surrounds us is for the best.  Sometimes is not the case.  We have people or circumstances that scarf us for life.  The problem is not that we are going through it, but how we deal with those moments.
If we ever have felt betrayed, don’t feel alone, we all have.  It does not matter what age, where in the world we live, we all have been betrayed by someone.  If it is someone that we barely see, it will hurt but not as much as if it was someone close to us.  Those experiences hurt the most.  In the verse above, it describes about how Joseph took matters when the opportunity came.  For those who don’t recall, Joseph had been with his brothers in the field and they were so upset at him that they ended up selling Joseph to the slave market.  He though they had solve their issue by doing that and they will never again will see him again.  Joseph suffered many things and even ended up in jail (even while innocent).  Years must have passed and the opportunity to remember the scene was there and with time, the resentment and frustration and anger could have grown more and more.  Now, Joseph has power, money and everything for him and yet his words to his brothers were of kindness and mercy.  In the version of The Message, the verse reads as follows: “But don’t feel badly, don’t blame yourselves for selling me. God was behind it. God sent me here ahead of you to save lives.”  He remembered what happened to him but instead of anger, there was compassion.  He gives them a word of acceptance and restoration.  He had been able to see beyond their actions.  He saw God’s purpose in it.
How many times we don’t have situation where we feel used, manipulated, abused or even betrayed?  I have felt that way many times.  That feeling is right.  Joseph had all the right to feel anger.  He had suffered lots.  He had gone through things that he should not have to.  When someone has done something to me, I feel angry, frustrated, upset and with a feeling to take matters into my own hands.  Hey, that’s natural; that’s human.  Are we in our rights to do so?  Of course we are!  But would that pleases God?  Wait, I don’t think so.  God has shown love, mercy, grace, compassion to all of us and He has called us to be holy because He is Holy.  I guess that even if it is natural to us, is not right to do because God is within us.  Joseph recognized that God was in the midst of all of it and so shall we.  Many of the people that have done something to us or one of our loved ones, deserves to be pay back for what they have done.  God said that vengeance is His and we are to be still and let Him do the work for us.
If I had been the one that had been sold to slavery, work for nothing, being framed of doing something I have not, been sent to jail and been forgotten about, I don’t know what my reaction would have been when I saw the ones that caused all of that.  Maybe throw them in jail and make them pay for every situation that I went through.  Maybe just killing them or maybe just let nature take its curse and don’t help them and let them starve to death.  After all, it was not me who made them hungry.  I could worry about my self and since they made the choice to leave me out of their lives, I can wash my hands.  Reconciliation is a good feeling and a good way to do things.  Yes, we feel betrayed and alone but if we love, we will learn to forgive and look past those situations in life.  We will learn to rejoice at all times and let the things that could make us grumpy and miserable aside and enjoy our lives with Christ to its fullest.  We can’t do it on our strength but with the Holy Spirit in us, we may do so.
Today, think about one person that has hurt you and forgive him/her.  If you can, call that person and just say I love you in the name of Christ.  It’s hard for you to call him/her, then just go to your Father God and ask Him to restore your heart and forgive him/her through Christ.  Now, this is the hard part, if you have hurt someone and you know it, ask for forgiveness.  That could be the greatest gift you can have or give.  Remember, God loves you and want us to live as one in Him.
Pastor Cesar