Jesus Rides a Donkey

Dear brethren,

Today, I’m joyful. I have been praying for a while and I can sense God’s mercy and love. We are approaching Easter and it has given me the opportunity to reflect on Jesus gift of redemption. God has blessed us in so many ways and yet we tend to walk away from Him.

Palm Sunday is coming up this weekend. Reading through the passage in the book of Matthew, I can see Jesus entering the town of Jerusalem. My mind travels back in time and I can see Jesus coming and all the poeple praising and saying “HOSSANA”. I start saying HOSSANA too and I feel the wind and the heat of the day and just seeing Jesus feels great. Then I see the nice corvette he is riding; wait, is not a corvette, not even a no brand car. It is a donkey that He is using. But why???? God, being God, is using a no name animal!!! Why couldn’t he get something more fitting to Him? Why couldn’t He used a limo? Because it was not the thing? If that is the case, why not come now or in the future when something more techy was around? or why not blessed those people with better technology?

I can keep coming up with questions on what I think He should have done but in reality is not my business. That is how God had planned it and I can’t change anything. It just shows me that God has no limitations and worries about nothing to reach us. In Galatians 4:4, we read that Jesus came in the appointed time. God had planned it long time ago and He was not thinking on luxury or showing off or anything. God was thinking on salvation for His people. He was thinking in you and me. Jesus knew His next few days were going to be the darkest days of earth and yet He was humble enough to voluntarily present Himself as the perfect sacrifice for our sins. He had come down to earth to die for me and wash my sins white as snow so I can rejoice and spend eternity with Him.

So, while I am still feeling the heat of that day and joinning the crowds singing HOSSANA, I can also feel God’s love for me. I can see His tears when He saw Jerusalem and wept for the city, for creation, for me. It makes me sad to see how our society does not recognize that any more. We live in times where they are waiting Easter to have time off or to have chocolate or something else that has nothing to do with celebrating Christ.

I would like to invite you to think about His humble entrance to Jerusalem. In the same way that He left everything to die in the cross for us, He wants to now enter into your heart. He wants to transform your life and make it better. If He has already entered into your life, then it is a time to praise Him again and thank Him for that marvelous miracle. Remember He is your Saviour but also your Lord.

God bless you today and always.

Pastor Cesar